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Digital Panel Meter for Long Distance Application From Ucontrol Pty Ltd In Australia

Has the necessity ever arisen to browse a method variable from the opposite facet of the space, however regarding from across the opposite facet of the factory? well, here is associate degree intelligent three.5 digital giant digital panel meter which will meet these needs and prices well underneath k greenbacks.

Ucontrol pty ltd, associate degree Australian distributor of method management and automation product has else an outsized digit, digital panel meter vary to its in depth vary of indicators for the method trade.

The new DPMX giant panel meter incorporates a two.3 in. LED show visible from twenty five to three0 metres away, typical. The LED is accessible in blue, inexperienced or red and therefore the enclosure is appropriate for panel mounting or wall mounting via 2 swivel brackets, the panel meter dimensions square measure 270 x 102 millimetre with solely 50mm depth. The DPMX panel meter incorporates a wide move 90-240VAC provide or is ordered with ten.5 to 30VDC low potential unit provide.

The DPMX panel meter has a powerful specification for an outsized display during this low bracket. like any programmable digital panel meter it’s universal programmable inputs. These embrace 0-200mV, 0-2V, 0-20V & (0)4 to 20mA that square measure user configurable.Accuracy one8|is eighteen} full scale and 1 count. rate is three samples per second and operational temperature is -10 to fifty degrees centigrade.

Historically giant digit displays and digital panel meter solutions are too pricey for several common applications unless the method info is vital to the operator. currently an occasional price mass created resolution is accessible among the same bracket to normal|a typical|a regular|a customary} sized digital panel meter several standard applications is thought of at the planning stage.

Ucontrol conjointly provide an in depth vary of panel meter solutions for applications like consideration, pressure, temperature in straightforward low price devices like our ATR121-AD that is basic three digit panel meter with 13mm LED. or additional refined devices like our STR551 that is associate degree advanved OLED digital panel meter with bar-graph, trend, data-logging, digital, analogue output & ability to be organized by robot smartphone APP.



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