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Incense, mental health for everyone

Throughout history, incense has been used for a variety of spiritual and aromatherapy purposes. There are various products and materials used for creating incense depending on what part of the world it is made in. There are many different ways that incense is burned including in bowels, sticks and oils. Depending on the culture, religion or spiritual levels of ones believes it is an experience worth trying.

Burning incense releases a variety of smokes and fragrance, depending on the materials used to make the product. it has different levels of aroma, smoke and length of burning time. It is know that amongst many cultures incense is burned for ceremonial purposed to set the mood. Some say the effects of the aroma and the smoke creates a outer body connection with nature and its spirits. To many this experience is one that allows a person to disconnect from the real world. Historically it has been a way of live for many cultures, religions or even for those who enjoy the experience of been connected to the external world. For those you just like the aroma it is used for simply setting a good or even a romantic mood around the house or at work. In modern times it used in may of the most luxurious spas and massage sessions all over the globe. For modern house holds it can also be used for masking those certain unpleasant odors around the house.

It is said that it’s origin is from ancient Egypt and was primarily used for religious ceremonies. Historically the use of various types of the incense is traced back to the ancient Chinese Dynasties. It is also known that its use was popular and part of many countries and regions of the far east and Asia. It was used amongst the emperors and nobility of some of the richest and most powerful historical figures in ancient times.

Incense is composed of different types of aromatic plant extracts and materials and is often mixed with essential oils resulting in the different types of products. Historically locally available ingredients were used for making the incenses including sage, cedar damiana and marshmallow leaf. In recent years some new exotic herbal extracts have been added to give the incense a unique texture and aroma. Incense is separated in two main types. One that is called the direct burning which indicates that it needs a flame and then fanned to burn and the other is called the indirect burning which does not need a flame to keep burning it leaving a ember that burns and releases the fragrance. Direct incense is more popular and comes in variety of joss sticks.

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