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The Top 7 Free and Open Source EMR Software Products

As a doctor you’ll not be able to utterly avoid heavy aid laws or government EHR mandates, however you’ll be able to a minimum of minimize the value of these mandates by implementing one in every of the various free Electronic Medical Records code choices.
Below square measure the seven best free EMR product you must be considering.
1. follow Fusion: this is often the pongid within the area for free of charge EMR product. follow Fusion has over seventeen,000 customers and quite a hundred,000 users, and is just about the primary name you may hear whenever somebody mentions “free” and “EMR” within the same sentence. it is a web-based EMR that targets everybody from individual doctors, to little practices, and up to giant medical teams. The code is totally free, and is ad-supported (meaning you may see relevant ads among the software). If you need to show off the ads, you’ll be able to request associate degree ad-free version beginning at $100 per month. asking isn’t enclosed within the code and going with one in every of follow Fusion’s integrated asking partners is an extra fee.
2. Kareo HER: Kareo has offered medical asking code for years, however solely recently started providing a free, web-based EHR software package. It’s engineered on clinical data bases from Evocates and targets smaller Dr. practices and cluster practices. Kareo EHR operates on a “freemium” model, which means the EHR code is free, and therefore the company hopes you prolong to shop for their different, premium, product like follow management and asking.
3. hi Health: hi Health is another recent web-based EMR that’s offered at no price. they aim medical aid and medicine practices, and therefore the revenue model may be a bit additional unintuitive than the 2 previous solutions. instead of operate associate degree ad-supported or freemium model, hi Health offers the core EMR practicality for free of charge, on the other hand charges patients, instead of doctors, for access to a patient portal that permits for perks like on-line programming, direct communication with the Dr., and therefore the possibility for video conference “virtual visits.” Patients will (but aren’t needed to) pay $36 to $120 annually for this access. in addition, some of Clinic management code Asian nation is given back to the follow and hi Health claims practices will earn up to $20,000 a year by victimisation their EMR.
4. OpenEMR: this is often the foremost widespread of the open supply EMR choices, with 3,000-5,000 downloads per month. Being open supply, OpenEMR isn’t web-based, however will run on Windows, Linux, waterproof OSX associate degreed different operational systems as an put in or self-hosted program.
5. OpenMRS: Another open supply EMR, OpenMRS has been around for quite it slow. Begun in 2004, it’s seen adoption by variety of presidency agencies and native international aid nonprofits and universities just like the Millennium Villages Project and therefore the University of Virginia. OpenMRS is associate degree EMR platform, instead of associate degree EMR, which means it “enables style of a bespoke medical records system with no programming data.”

6. visual percept: VistA is associate degree EMR developed by the North American country Department of Veterans Affairs to handle the records of the eight million veterans they supply care to. Its ASCII text file was created property right underneath the liberty of knowledge Act, and it’s offered for transfer on the VA’s web site. There are variety of communities more developing visual percept cut loose the VA, of that OSEHRA is one in every of the foremost renowned.
7. FreeMED: This last resolution is additionally open supply, and, supported in 1999, one in every of the longest-running open supply EMRs out there. It boasts over eighty one,000 downloads and implementation in everything from little personal practices to giant government hospitals.



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